a ten-hour special broadcast on May 21, 1978
on the 10th anniversary of the Jive 95

(read Joel Selvin's review)


Bobby Dale on Tom Donahue & Bob Mitchell at KYA
Promotion man recalls Tom & Bob's dominance
Bobby Dale & Bob McClay on Norman Davis at KYA
Norman on KYA
Bobby Dale on McClay

Tom Donahue expounds on:
    the KMPX inception
    kids, rock 'n roll and Mothers
    Grace Slick & The Great Society
    his psychedelic nightclub, "Mothers"
    the Beatles' last concert

aircheck of Tom Donahue on KMPX 1967
aircheck of Milan Melvin on KMPX
Congress of Wonders' spot for Record City
spot for Zap Comics
Tom's spot for the 2001 Soundtrack album

Comments about Tom:
    Alan Stone
    Dusty Street 
    Dusty again
    Stefan Ponek
    Thom O'Hair

Katie Johnson on working at KMPX
Dusty Street on how she got into radio
Bill Graham on his first show
Bill Graham & Michael Bloomfield

Tony Pigg
Travus T. Hipp with Bonnie Simmons
Bonnie on the cops and the bomb

Raechel Donahue on the KSAN wallpaper
Raechel & Bob McClay remember 211 Sutter St.
Raechel on Tom's show

Ben Fong-Torres & Richard Gossett discuss avoiding the draft
Ben interviews Steve Martin

Thom O'Hair on the morning show
Rick Sadle relates the infamous KSAN STREAK!

Terry McGovern on how he got the job
Norman talks about Teddy Bear & God

News collage

KSAN 10th Anniversary ID
Promo for What Was That
Promo 2

J. Geils 10th Anniversary promo
J. Geils 10th Anniversary promo long
Kids Chorus ID