On the night of June 17, 1972, former employees of the Nixon re-election campaign broke into the Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building. This incident began the unraveling of the Nixon Administration's abuses of power and illegal actions and the administration's efforts to cover up these activities. KSAN News reported daily on the political circus and after Nixon's re-election in 1974, began a series of weekly programs called, The Watergate Follies.

Part news, part satire, part Broadway musical, The Watergate Follies involved much of the air staff at KSAN. Nearly everyone contributed a little something, although most of the work was done by Larry Lee, Dave McQueen and the news team. The Follies continued for almost a year as the Watergate scandal became a national crisis. There were 26 programs in all (as far as we know) and they continued until Nixon gave his V-sign and retired from public service, 
facing certain impeachment if he did not.

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WATERGATE FOLLIES #1  Daddy & Rhonda


WATERGATE FOLLIES promo  6-10-73