by Vicky Cunningham

Many former KSANers joined family and friends celebrating Stefan Ponek's life at his memorial service in San Anselmo. What a life he had! Three ex-wives were all there, saying nice things about him. Margaret, his close companion for the last three years was too distraught to talk, but many said Stefan had found real happiness with her.
His beautiful daughter Kristin and handsome son Seth (looking exactly like a young Stefan) talked about how Stefan had gotten it all together in the last years of his life, repaired his relationships, and spent a lot of time with his kids and grandchildren.
Stefan had been in AA for many years, and several men in tears said he had saved their lives. His son said Stefan had gotten him into AA, and he is so grateful that he did.
A tape collage of Stefan on the air at many different radio stations was played and had some very funny moments. Terry McGovern and Ben Fong-Torres were there. I met Brooke Jones, who is very funny and gave a wonderful eulogy that made everyone laugh. The chapel was packed, with standing room only and a very diverse group of people.
The Pastor was great. He opened the event by saying we were there to celebrate the life of "a good man." That pretty much said it for me. Stefan was a real sweetie, and he will be missed by a great many people.