KMPX is where the "underground revolution" started. It began with Larry Miller's eclectic, late-night show and continued with Tom Donahue and his cast of zanies. It ended a year or so later when KMPX management tried to institute some programming rules and Tom and his staff walked out, only to show up a few months later at the new KSAN.


KMPX   Tom Donahue on the immaculate inception

KMPX   Tom on how he got it going
KMPX   Tom on ratings and commercials
KMPX   Raechel Donahue talks about KMPX & KSAN
KMPX   Larry Miller describes his show

KMPX   Tom Donahue aircheck 1967

KMPX   Katie Johnson on the early days

KMPX   1967  Tom Donahue show hr 1

KMPX   1967   Tom Donahue show hr 2
KMPX   4/67  Tom Donahue show with Grateful Dead

KMPX    1967  Country Joe with Tom & Voco

KMPX   12/67  Larry Miller show    scoped
KMPX   Milan Melvin "The Lone Ranger"  scoped
KMPX   1967  Bob Postle show     scoped 
KMPX   aircheck 1968
KMPX   Congress Of Wonders
KMPX   Congress Of Wonders spot for concert

KMPX   spot for The Fillmore - Stefan Ponek
KMPX   spot for Rolling Stone Magazine - Congress of Wonders
KMPX   spot for Record City
KMPX   spot for Family Dog
KMPX   spot for Record City 1968
KMPX   spot for North Face - Tom Donahue 1968 
KMPX   Stefan talks about Richie Havens
KMPX   Bob Postle aircheck February 1968
KMPX   spot for Magnolia Thunderpussy
KMPX   extended spot for Magnolia Thunderpussy
KMPX   spot for Big River  1968
KMPX   spot for Music City
KMPX   spot for Old Fillmore
KMPX   spot for Blue Cheer

KMPX   spot for concert
KMPX   Ed Bear signs off

KMPX    the last moments

                                                                                            Dusty Street & Katie Johnson


                           The first crew                                               a few months later 

                                                                              Sue Kagan spins at KMPX


                                                             Tom  presides at a strike meeting


Cosmo on the picket line              Strike benefit handbill