I know the Thom that Glenn is talking about -- the Alaskan brown bear who could make you feel pretty small. And then there was the softer, more mellow Thom -- whose piercing insights and out of left field observations you wanted to remember, verbatim. But they often went up in smoke.

I have a clear memory of the time he called from the FC during his airshift  (I think he'd been fired L. Nuclear Warhead) and demanded that I come over right away. I told him that I had a newscast in 10 minutes. "So?" 

When I got there, he asked if he could see my wire copy for a minute. The wild look in his eyes told me that I should shut up and do as he asked. You can imagine the grin on Thom's face as he rolled up my copy, lit it on fire, and handed it back to me. I think he was telling me to lighten up.

What a guy...