Jive radio AUDIO

The Jive Radio demo
Beverly Wilshire 10-6-91

Richard Gossett 10-13-91


bonnie simmons 11-3-91


A radio special honoring KSAN, “The Jive 95”

Aired live February 16, 1992 on KUSF, San Francisco

Featured players: Larry Bensky, Dan Carlisle, Bobby Dale,
Norman Davis, Buzzy Donahue, Raechel Donahue, Sean Donahue,
Tom Donahue, Naomi Eisenberg, Ben Fong-Torres, Richard Gossett,
Travus T. Hipp, Dr. Hippocrates, Kate Ingram, Billy Jam, Tony Kilbert,
Michael Knight, Glenn   Lambert, Peter Laufer, Larry Lee, Bob McClay,
Terry McGovern, Dave  McQueen, Milan Melvin, Cosmic Muffin,
Scoop Nisker, Thom O’Hair, Marshall Phillips, Jerry Pompilli,
Trish Robbins, Annie Sampson, Joel Selvin, Bonnie Simmons,
Dusty Street, Budd Stuntt, New York Vinnie, Kenny Wardell, 
Paul “Lobster” Wells, Beverly Wilshire, Norm Winer,
and a cast of hundreds.

listed in chronological order as aired

1       KSAN PROMO – Terry & Bonnie “Magic Station”

2       Raechel & McGovern on 1974

3       Terry & Raechel on Hadwig & SLA

4       Terry, Rae, McQueen, phillips, Laufer    stories

5       The infamous KSAN streak

6       Larry Bensky remembers

7       Bensky, McQueen, Laufer & Phillips on what killed KSAN

8       Bensky & O’Hair on what killed KSAN

9       McQueen introduces Larry Lee Tape

10    Phillips, McQueen & mcgovern on the Watergate Follies

11    Terry introduces Lobster

12    Carlisle, Winer, Lambert on the end of free-form KSAN

13    Winer, Carlisle & O’Hair    WQIV story

14    Gossett, Carlisle, Winer, O’Hair

15    Winer intros Stuntt, Lambert, McGovern

16    Lambert, Winer, Beaver

17    Beaver, Gossett

18    Beaver, Gossett and Benjamin from Romeo Void

19    Gossett, Wilshire     “no making out”

 20    Gossett, Beaver, Knight, O’Hair      “Brown-Gravy”

21       Beaver, Gossett, O’Hair  (on Samantha) & Cosmic Muffin

22       McClay & Naomi eisenberg

23       McClay, Naomi, Dr. Hip & Buzzy discuss circumcision

24       McClay, Dr. Hip, Bonnie    Margo story

       25   McClay, Buzzy, Annie Sampson     bus story

26       Bonnie, Ben, Winer, Terry       weekends

27       Bonnie, Ben, Melvin (Voco, KMPX,) Laufer

28       Bonnie, McClay       “No, you’re MY favorite DJ.”

29    Bonnie & Ben  tell McClay stories

30    Bonnie & O’Hair on KSAN news

31    KSAN NEWS – McQueen, Laufer, Phillips, HIPP

 32       Bonnie intros KKCY gang: Dale, New York Vinnie, DAVIS, Selvin

33       O’Hair intros Tony Kilbert

34      TK, Wardell, Buzzy (on Tom), Steve Miller music

35       Wardell, TK, Dale

36       Wardell, TK, Street, Davis   (and Scoop Nisker tape)

37       TK & Dusty on Bobby Dale, + Dale!

38       Dale, Dusty, Norman, Dan       

39       Dale, Dusty, Dan, Buzzy           

40       Dusty, Dale, Norman, McQueen           

41    Dusty, Dale, Norman    the Aretha story

42    Dusty, Dale, Norman     Jive Radio

43    Norman, THOM, Dale on Enrico’s, bob Kraznow and Tom’s first trip

44    Norman, Dusty, Dale    on Etta James, etc.

45    Norman, Dusty, McQueen  on the KSAN record library